Is it just organic hooha?

Growing our products organically is not being “trendy” nor is it a “marketing strategy”. It has real implications for us the growers, and YOU the end user.

Insects and diseases – especially during summer and wet weather – are a major problem for growers. To maintain ‘perfect products’ most growers rely heavily on chemicals.

Organically controlling pests and diseases requires continual monitoring to ensure they do not become a problem. Early intervention is critical. Precise pest or disease identification is the key to success.

As organic growers we use predatory insects for our pest control, and plant extracts for our disease control. This, coupled with organic feeding and mulching maintains good plant health.

Why all the fuss about organic growing if it’s not a product we eat?  Chemicals have an active period long after the chemical has been applied. Handling non-organic flowers and foliage will inevitably leave harmful residue on your hands. This can be absorbed through your skin, and even if wearing gloves by touching your face, or rubbing your eyes while working. Later, it can be ingested if your hands are not thoroughly scrubbed before preparing food or eating. Even gloves need to be removed without touching their outside with your hands or the chemicals will be transferred to your skin.

Now consider all the imported product you might be using. AQIS (the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) requires all exporters to treat their flowers and foliage with powerful chemicals before it is dispatched from the supplying country? There is good reason for this, we don’t want any pest or diseases brought to Australia. However the downside is that the product you handle is covered in harmful chemicals.

Organic is more than a ‘fad’. It’s safety for you, your staff and your customers. 

The treatment guidelines for imported flowers as specified by the 2018
Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.
FYI: Glysophate is sold as Round Up at your local Bunnings.
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