How is your foliage Organic?
We use a combination of eco friendly spray and bugs to target pests and disease, rather than the standard sprays that use toxic chemicals. You can read more about why we choose to be organic growers HERE and more on how we organically manage Pests and Disease HERE!

What Difference does Organic foliage have compared to other cut foliages?
A large difference about our foliage, Is the lack of harmful chemicals that both our staff and you the customer are exposed to. These chemicals leave residues long after spraying and can have both short and long term effects on humans, animals and the environment. Read more about the effects of pesticide and chemicals HERE!

How big is your farm?
Our farm consists of 10 Hectares of fields, greenhouses, terraces and gullies.

Can I collect from the farm?
Collection from the farm can be arranged by request and appointment.

When can I find you at the markets?
You can find us at the Rocklea Markets;
Mon: 5-9
Tues: 5-9
Wed: 5-9:30
Thurs: 5-9:30
Fri: 5-9:30

Closed weekends and public holidays.

Which of your foliages are suitable for installations that don’t require water?
The length of time our foliages can hold their own is all dependent on the conditions they are displayed in – such as the heat, humidity and exposure to sunlight.
The foliages that we find hold their colour and shape out of water the best are our;
Magnolia, Hidden Bronze, Feijoa, Small Leafed Box, Forest Gem, Forest Lace, Banksia, Soft Eucalyptus and Primadona.

How do I dry my foliage naturally?
Make sure you pull off any old leaves around the bottom of the stems and make sure they are completely dry. Hang the foliage upside down in a cool, dry place with lots of ventilation. Check the stems regularly for any signs of mould, as this can happen with some of the fine grassy type foliages which don’t allow much air through them.

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